Month: April 2011

training run #283

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Friday 29 April, 08:43.

Went for 2 laps of RV.  Cool, 9C, bright and breezy.  Left knee niggle started about 8km, but no problem finishing.  Physio says to keep running to just doing 6 miles, not to go further, and lots of work in the gym to build up VMO.  This also means he strongly advises against doing the Sheff Half 😦

Distance:  9.45km
Time:  54:52
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  5:48 min/km

training run #282

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Monday 25 April, 09:01.  Easter Monday.

Went for 2 laps of RV.  Weather perfect, cool and breezy on one side of RV, no breeze but bright sky on other.  Temp about 15C.  Felt easy and good, tried to keep HR sensible and pace about 6 min/km.  Left knee only began to feel slightly tender at 9km.  Thought about doing a 3rd lap but stopped; fairly sure it would not have been a problem doing extra lap.

Distance:  9.5km
Time:  56:00
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg pace:  5:53 min/km

training run #281

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Friday 22 April, 09:17.  Good Friday.

A very good Good Friday.  Cool to start, getting warmer.  Thought I might do 3 laps of RV if knee was OK.  Felt slight niggle from 8km but it didn’t get too bad and didn’t give any sharp spikes.  Might have been because I was running lighter, softer than usual, not landing on my heels to reduce joint impact, and that may have helped.  Afterwards walking was fine but had a very slight reaction (knew I’d set off my knee) for maybe 24 hours.  Nothing big.

Distance:  14.19km
Time:  1:26:05
Avg HR:  150bpm
Avg pace: 6:04 min/km

training run #280

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Monday 18 April, 06:06.

Early morning run at RV.  Bright, dry, 8C.  Wore yellow jacket.  Planned to do 2 laps at 6 minute pace / approx 140bpm.  Managed the pace, slightly over the bpm.  Left knee niggle started a bit later than previous run (maybe 6km slight, 8km strong) and I didn’t get the sharp spikes.  Was fine walking home and no after effects.

Distance:  9.39km
Time:  56:37
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  6:01 min/km

Cadence chart is wierdly flat for most of second lap:

training run #279

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Saturday 16 April, 10:07.

Bright and sunny, 13C.  Wore sun cream.  Aimed to do 2 laps of RV.  Left knee niggle just before end of first lap but carried on.  At 7.5km felt a few sharp stabs of left knee pain (like 9km in Rome) but carried on and it didn’t worsen.  Felt fine walking home and no after effects.

Distance:  9.35km
Time:  53:27
Avg HR:  160bpm
Avg pace:  5:43 min/km

training run #278

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Thursday 14 April, 17:05

Left work earlier than usual to get a run in at RV.  Mild, 13C maybe, cloudy but bright, slight breeze.  Aimed to do 2 long laps of RV, after physio encouraged me to get some runs in.  When I told him a previous run was cut short due to the knee niggle he said to try running on.  So when left knee niggle started at 1km – a soreness in the joint not the lower outside pain I’ve had previously – I decided to stick to the 2 laps unless it got bad.

Left leg felt stronger than usual, less of a wooden leg, after the physio session on the knee machine.  At least for the first lap and most of the second.  As the run went on the knee discomfort shifted and became more general, but still in the joint.  Afterwards walking on it was fine and so far no bad reaction at home, just a little tired and very slight discomfort.

Forgot foot pod, it was on my other trainers, so no pace/distance data.

Distance:  9.6km based on previous data
Time:  54:24
Avg HR:  156bpm

Hr was slightly high because I kept pace decent and feel like I’m having to regain a bit of fitness, despite the gym sessions.  But it’s good to rattle off 2 decent laps again 🙂

physio 12 April

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Reported the knee niggle from the run, physio felt and poked knee.  Stretched the joint downwards and had me do 10 mins warm up on gym bike before being strapped to knee flex machine.  Lots of reps and needed to maintain pressure on machine, had my leg wobbling and shaking as it went on and on and on.  Really worked VMO and other quads hard.

Told to keep up the gym work and get some runs in.  Back in 2 weeks.

training run #277

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Sunday 10 April, 08:26

Went for a gentle run at RV, as allowed by physio to test progresss.  Thought I’d do 1 or 2 laps depending how I felt.  Kept pace comfortable, HRM measured HR incorrectly high first km (forgot to wet belt).  Sunny but cool, 6C.   After 4km started to feel niggle left knee so just did one lap.  Was fine walking home but felt it slightly in the afternoon, just tender not painful.

Distance:  4.67km
Time:  26:30
Avg HR:  152 bpm (incorrect – more like 142bpm)
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km

Rome Marathon 20 March 2011

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Rome Marathon

Bright and sunny, little chilly at 8C for the start.  The sun raised temp to maybe 20C towards the end of the race.  Fantastic atmosphere, big crowds and lots of runners talking to us about twins racing together.  A previous winner of the race wanted a photo with us!

Did a reasonable pace from the start, tried to ease off a bit to save energy for later.  Left knee started hurting slightly from 3km, gradually increasing.  5km felt back of left thigh stiffening a bit but ran it off.  Then thigh muscles started weakening and felt a bit of hip pain, which took my mind off the knee.  By 8-9km I was just concentrating on reaching 10km; then my aim was to reach halfway running, which I did.  At 27.5km my knee got really painful so I started walking and sent Jeff on ahead to the finish with my blessing and asked him to look out for me later.  Gradually got walking faster and faster but could not get started running again.  Some of the crowds told me they’d seen Jeff and he was up ahead!

Was confused about the km markers as my HRM was telling me I’d gone much further.  (I was trying to go round corners near the apex where it was sensible without getting in the way of runners.)  Had a chat with a chap from Cardiff who had only managed 2 days a week training and long run of 12 miles, feeling it difficult.  And a chap fell down just behind me but got straight back up again.  Good race organisation and lots of water and sponge points throughout.  I asked for some cold spray on my knee at a first aid point but they’d run out 😦 so I soldiered on…

When I reached the Coliseum I gritted my teeth and ran the last 750m or so – I’d thought it was the last 250-300 but it was quite a bit further.  Punched the air as I crossed the finish 🙂

Jeff and me with medals in front of Coliseum

A farce at the medal engraving tent but it didn’t spoil the event.  I wonder where the extra 2.5km that I did came from?

Distance:  officially 42.195km; my distance 44.76km
Time:  officially 5:12:06; mytime 5:12:28 cos I didn’t click my HRM straight away
Avg HR:  143bpm
Max HR:  173bpm
Avg pace:  6:58 min/km
Calories:  2872