Month: May 2011

training run #286

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Tuesday 10 May, 05:49.

Sunny, cool morning, 8C.  Ideal conditions for a nice 2 lap run at RV.  Kept a steady pace, no knee niggles.  Upper right thigh slightly stiff from some gym work the previous day and didn’t manage to run it off, but it didn’t hinder me much.

Distance:  9.17km
Time:  55:29
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg pace:  6:02 min/km


training run #285

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Saturday 7 May, 08:46.

Bright, mild, slight breeze 15C.  Went for 2 easy laps of RV at 6 minute/km pace.  Felt good, no niggles.  Slight shower towards end, nice.

This week went to gym Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri – mostly lunchtimes to use resistance machines on legs, particularly VMO.  Feels like good progress.  Prioritising gym over running as sports physio says that’s where the fix for my knee will come from.  Intend to keep daily gym visits as far as I’m able to, to keep building VMO/leg strength.  Physio has also suggested I keep using the roller.

Distance:  9.29km
Time:  55:23
Avg HR:  150bpm (but I speeded up a bit last km)
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km

training run #284

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Sunday 1 May, 08:58.

Mild, 13C, sunny, nice breeze.  Went for 2 laps of RV.  Felt good, brilliant weather, steady pace.  No knee niggles.

Distance:  9.33km
Time:  54:34
Avg HR:  151bpm
Avg pace:  5:51 min/km