Month: July 2011

training run #312

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Thursday 28 July, 09:32

Hot, 23C, sunny.  Went for 2 laps of RV and HR just stayed high due to the heat and dehydration.

Distance:  9.59km
Time:  57:59
Avg HR:  159bpm
Avg pace:  6:02 min/km
Avg cadence:  83spm


training run #311

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Tuesday 26 July, 09:23

Mild, 16C, bright but not direct sunshine.  Went for 2 laps of RV aiming to control HR.  Easy and enjoyable.

Distance:  9.62km
Time:  59:14
Avg HR:  145bpm:
Avg pace:  6:09 min/km
Avg cadence:  85spm


training run #310

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Friday 22 July 09:20

Mild, 17C, sunny.  Went for 2 laps of RV, feeling quite hot in the sun trap and kept a decent pace.  Quite tiring but put that down to the temp and a bit dehydrated.

Distance:  9.54km
Time:  56:06
Avg HR:  158bpm
Avg pace:  5:52 min/km
Avg cadence:  85spm

training run #309

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Wednesday 20 July, 09:54.

Mild, cloud cover with sun trying to break through, 17C.  Went for 2 laps of RV, felt quite warm as the run went on and struggled to keep HR low.  But enjoyed it.

Distance:  9.58km
Time:  56:35
Avg HR:  157bpm
Avg pace:  5:54 min/km
Avg cadence:  85spm



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Wednesday 13 July.

A cooler ride into work so wore yellow running jacket – but that got me quite hot.  Never mind.  Felt tired and dehydrated at the end of working day so took it very easy on way home and still did 50 mins.  Think the gloves and awareness of riding style are helping me reduce pressure on left hand and numbness.

Thinking 3 days cycling in a row is enough for the first week back on a bike so may take the tram tomorrow.  After work we’re driving off to a long weekend of 3 back to back Pondlife gigs across England, so the tram will give me a rest before that.


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Tuesday 12 July.

Nice ride in/out of work.  Detoured on the way in to get some gel gloves.  Hope they help, together with adapting my riding style to minimise pressure on left hand.


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Monday 11 July, nice ride into town.  Tackled Park Square roundabout with the traffic lights not working!  On way home found a cycle path around Park Square and under Parkway to get me on Cricket Inn Road, for another nice ride home.  Not bothered about times but did 50 mins in the morning and 46 mins on way home.

Find my left hand ring finger feels a bit numb afterwards with the vibration – roads are very poor.  Might need some padded gloves, but certainly don’t want to loosen my grip on the handlebars!

training run #308

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Saturday 9 July, 07:34.

Mild, 15C, overcast but sun broke through later. Nice breezes on parts of the lap.  Aimed to replicate last week’s 4 long laps of RV but felt good so did 3 long laps and 2 laps of main lake.  Carried about 800ml cordial in Camelbak and it lasted the whole run, just had a sip left at the finish.  Felt good, able to keep going at reasonable pace and OK HR.

Distance:  21.8km
Time:  2:12:21
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  6:04 min/km
Avg cadence:  86spm

bike loan (BikeBoost)

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Wednesday 6 July

Picked up my loan bike for the BikeBoost challenge.  It’s a Raleigh Urban 2, I found it on various bike shop sites probably a 2010 model.  Fully set up for commuting with full mud guards, lights, rear rack with one pannier, puncture outfit and I’m kitted out with helmet, reflective waistcoat and reflective trouser bands.  There’s also a U-lock to stop the bike disappearing!

Cycled home with it – the first long trip on a bike for ages (several years) .  Went across Manor and down Stradbroke to get home.  A few testing hills but got the hang of the gears and managed fine.  Traced the route on mapmyrun and its 7.75 miles / 12.5 km or thereabouts.  Getting up the first hills into the Manor took 25 mins, but the overall journey took 51 mins.  And I was coasting most of the downhill bits rather than pedalling in a big gear ‘cos I hadn’t figured out the chainring changer until the end of the run; I was clicking it the wrong way, effectively shifting down instead of up 🙂

Resting tomorrow (back on the tram to work) and have a trip to Leeds on Friday, but I feel good about using the bike for commuting most of next week hopefully.

I have to load journeys and post comments on a BikeBoost website to record my participation in the challenge.  I’ve got the loan bike for 4 weeks, and have to return it between 10 and 12 August.

training run #307

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Tuesday 5 July, 18:38.

Warm 20C, bright overcast and breezy.  Went for 2 laps of RV trying to keep HR in low 140s.  Didn’t struggle at all but got slower and slower to keep HR in check.

Distance:  9.54km
Time:  1:00:58
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg pace:  6:23 min/km
Avg cadence:  79spm (cadence only varied between 78 and 81 throughout, very even spm)