Day: August 7, 2011

training run #313

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Sunday 7 August, 09:32.

Warm>hot, between 16-20C I guess.  Sunny with some cloud cover and breezy in parts.  Went for 3 long laps of RV.  Could not keep HR down but felt fine.  Carried 800ml water in Camelbak and drank most of it.  Had had a breakfast and waited 2 hours before the run so didn’t run out of energy.  Needed to loosen off laces on left foot at the end, had run the last half lap with slightly uncomfortable foot; might have been too tight to start with.

Distance:  14.4km
Time:  1:25:43
Avg HR:  161bpm
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Avg cadence:   83spm