training run #320

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Tuesday 23 August, 06:05.

Cool, 13C, bright with high cloud, slight breeze.  Ideal running conditions.  Went for the usual home – RV x2 laps – home.  Tried to keep HR low and tried to bend knees and get my feet landing under my centre of gravity.  Felt slight discomfort right achilles and knees felt like they were being worked hard.  Would probably help if I’d read a few more chapters of the running book first.  A good run.  High HR for first 15 mins when I wasn’t trying anything much, but in the low 130s / high 120s after that.

Distance:  11.84km (note footpod counted a longer distance with shorter strides and what felt like faster cadence)
Time:  1:15:42
Avg hr:  138bpm
Avg pace:  6:23 min/km
Avg cadence:  87spm

Garmin – check out high HR at the start!  The peak at the end is the climb out of RV, so understandable.

I’m now into chapter 4 of the book I think- page 113.  Keen to give it a go but it sounds difficult putting all the elements together.


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