training run #321

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Saturday 27 August, 07:58.

Didn’t manage a Thursday run as it was raining Biblically all morning and I stayed at work really late.  At least I had a bit extra energy ready for Saturday…

Cool, started 11C, finished 15C.  Sunny with a breeze, turning showery for the last 5k.  Went for a long loop home – RV – Killamarsh – Woodall – Harthill – Kiveton – Wales – RV – home.  Tried to run gently, easily, watching HR, landing foot under centre of gravity and bending knees more, etc.  Felt OK and easy.  Running downhill my cadence peaked at 98spm!  The odd niggle here and there but generally fine, nothing that stayed and got bad.  There were a few odd surges of HR where I was running on the level with ordinary effort but HR was peaking, so pleased with the average.

Distance:  21.68km
Time:  2:19:33
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  6:26 min/km
Avg cadence:  86spm
Calories:  1582


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