Month: September 2011

training run #336

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Wednesday 28 September, 05:38

Cool, 13C, very clear skies, and very dark.  Went for usual 7 mile run, 2x laps of RV.  No moonlight so couldn’t see path clearly but a nice view of the cosmos!  Kept an easy pace and pleased with HR and speed.  Felt right calf a little at 8km, but it went off.  Also felt some discomfort on the ball of my left foot.  Think it might be sore or perhaps a bruised bone after yesterday’s barefoot run on tarmac.  Might rest on Thursday instead of doing another 7 miler, to avoid aggravating it and make sure I can do my weekend long run.

Measured the smooth tarmac stretch as 700m long, far more than I thought, and updated yesterday’s post.

Distance:  11.65km
Time:  1:11:48
Avg HR:  138bpm
Avg pace:  6:09 min/km
Avg cadence:  89spm

Garmin HRM (FR60) has a tear in the strap, so I’ll have to be very careful.  It’ll eventually tear right through and as the strap is integral with it’s body I’ll be stumped… 😦

barefoot tuesday #4, training run #335

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Tuesday 27 September, 06:23

Cold, 9C, clear skies.  Jogged to RV then trainers off.  A bit of compacted earth path, short stretch of painful gravel and then took to the grass.  It was wet and cold – very cold.  Only managed a short distance before my feet were hurting with the cold.  Trainers on and went to the far end near water-ski.  Ran barefoot on the smooth tarmac stretch right along to near the ski centre (makes a mental note to measure it with Garmin on next run).  Then turned and ran back to the start of the smooth tarmac.  Felt easy and could have gone much further.  Went on the grass and only managed maybe 150m before my feet hurt again from the damp and cold.  Trainers on and jogged and walked home. Finished 07:06.

An OK run.  Was surprised how difficult the cold, wet grass was, but will give it another go.  Was confident on the tarmac, no blisters or soreness afterwards.

Estimated barefoot distances:
Grass:  350m
Tarmac:  1400m (measured it as a 700m long stretch with Garmin)

training run #334

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Monday 26 September, 05:53

Mild, 13C, some cloud cover.  Went for usual 2 laps of RV, 7 miles.  It was dark so went easy, couldn’t see the terrain easily or even the Garmin HRM!  This led to a slow pace but good HR.

Distance:  11.69km
Time:  1:15:10
Avg HR:  135bpm
Avg pace:  6:26
Avg cadence:  87spm

training run #333

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Saturday 24 September, 07:52

Cool, 10C at the start, rising to a mild 15C at the end.  Nice sunny day, with a breeze.  Perfect.  Followed usual 13 mile loop from home – RV – Killamarsh – Woodall – Harthill – Kiveton – Wales – RV – did one extra lap of RV – home.  The run felt comfortable, nice pace, HR OK for the first hour and went up later.  Could have carried on for ages.

Carried 700ml cordial in Camelbak and some new gels and mini fruit jellies; Aptonia stuff bought from Decathlon.  Had 4 fruit jellies and 4 gels in little 20ml toothpaste type tubes.  Liked them, and think they helped as I’d not had breakfast.

Distance:  26.31km
Time:  2:40:38
Avg HR:  155bpm
Avg pace:  6:06 min/km
Avg cadence:  87spm

A really enjoyable run in ideal sunny late summer/early autumn conditions 🙂

training run #332

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Thursday 22 September, 05:57

Cool, 9C, lots of cloud and slight shower on first lap.  Did usual 2x laps of Rother Valley, 7 miles.  Nice and easy.

Distance:  11.62km
Time:  1:12:53
Avg HR:  144bpm (poor belt connection again! – should be in mid 130s)
Avg pace:  6:16 min/km
Avg cadence:  88spm

Garmin connect:

Got my race number for Bupa Great Yorkshire Run (Sheffield 10k) on 9/10/11 – number 3610.

training run #331

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Wednesday 21 September, 05:59

Cool, 9C, dark!  The sun didn’t peep over the horizon until I was finishing the 2nd lap of RV.  Did the usual 2x laps of RV, 7 miles midweek run.  Felt easy and HR was OK apart from about 12-23 minutes when it stuck in the 150s – 160s for no reason – poor belt contact probably.

Distance:  11.61km
Time:  1:12:41
Avg HR:  139bpm
Avg pace:  6:15 min/km
Avg cadence:  89spm

barefoot tuesday #3, training run #330

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Tuesday 20 September, 06:26

Mild, 15C, overcast after overnight rain.  Ran to RV and did 1km anticlockwise, mostly grass and a longer stretch of smooth tarmac.  Then ran 1km back to start alongside the water on grass.  Easy and comfortable but not ready for the gravel yet.

Distance:  2km
Surface:  1.7km grass, 0.3km tarmac

training run #329

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Saturday 17 September, 05:35

Temp 11C, some cloud, dark!  Wore yellow jacket but after a few km realised it was an OK 11C not a cold 11C, and could have done without it.  Did usual 13 mile route, round Woodall, Harthill, Kiveton & Wales.  Had 3 gels, carried 750ml cordial but drank only 600ml approx.  Felt good throughout, and thought I finished stronger than previous 13-milers recently.

Distance:  21.44km
Time:  2:13:25
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  6:13 min/km
Avg cadence:  87spm

5th weekend half marathon in a row…

training run #328

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Wednesday 14 September, 05:43

Cool, 11C, overcast.  Went for usual 2 laps of RV.  Felt good, got into a good rhythm.

Distance:  11.64km
Time 1:13:00
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  6:16 min/km
Avg cadence:  88spm

barefoot tuesday #2, training run #327

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Tuesday 13 September, 06:13

Cool, 12C, needed yellow jacket.  Nice sunrise with red clouds in the east.

Jogged to RV in trainers, then barefoot on grass to right of path to a bench at far end of RV next water ski area, about 0.9km.  Included a short smooth tarmac bit to the bench.  Rested 2 mins and ran back to start next to water, on the grass.  Felt easy, feet adapting to uneven surface easily, coped with the odd few stones OK.  Better than last weeks effort trying to run on full gravel path.  Total distance about 1.8km – 1.7km on grass and 0.1km on tarmac.