Day: September 27, 2011

barefoot tuesday #4, training run #335

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Tuesday 27 September, 06:23

Cold, 9C, clear skies.  Jogged to RV then trainers off.  A bit of compacted earth path, short stretch of painful gravel and then took to the grass.  It was wet and cold – very cold.  Only managed a short distance before my feet were hurting with the cold.  Trainers on and went to the far end near water-ski.  Ran barefoot on the smooth tarmac stretch right along to near the ski centre (makes a mental note to measure it with Garmin on next run).  Then turned and ran back to the start of the smooth tarmac.  Felt easy and could have gone much further.  Went on the grass and only managed maybe 150m before my feet hurt again from the damp and cold.  Trainers on and jogged and walked home. Finished 07:06.

An OK run.  Was surprised how difficult the cold, wet grass was, but will give it another go.  Was confident on the tarmac, no blisters or soreness afterwards.

Estimated barefoot distances:
Grass:  350m
Tarmac:  1400m (measured it as a 700m long stretch with Garmin)