Month: October 2011

Worksop Half Marathon 30 October 2011

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Mild, 13C, slight drizzle at the start, brightening up later.  Did the race with Jeff, and it was a good run.  The hills were mostly gentle and undulating.  Our pace in the  early km was faster than the planned 6 mins a km, but we kept it steady and kept going.  I felt surprisingly good in the first part and the middle of the race.  After 11 miles I started to tire a bit but kept up a decent pace and managed a sprint to the finish line to get in just under 2 hours.  My best recent training time had been 6:29 slower, so a big reduction.   A very well organised and fun race to do, along nice traffic-free roads and paths including Clumber Park.  Think I might be back to do this one again sometime in the future 🙂

Distance (Garmin):  21.59km
Time:  1:59:56
Avg HR:  162bpm
Avg pace:   5:33 min/km
Avg cadence:  88spm

My peak HR going over the finish line was 186bpm, which Garmin Connect says is 106% of max!

training run #346

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Wednesday 26 October, 06:19

Cold, 7C, breezy, some puddles underfoot but not raining now.  Went for an easy paced lap of RV, tapering for Worksop Half.  Felt easy.

Distance:  6.89km
Time:  41:26
Avg HR:  138bpm
Avg pace:  5:58 min/km
Avg cadence:  87spm

training run #345

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Sunday 23 October, 06:42

Mild, 11C, dry with a bit of a breeze in parts.  Just wore a shirt, no jacket, and was fine.  Needed headlight at first in the dark and on the roads to make me visible.  Usual route, RV, Woodall, Harthill, Kiveton, Wales, RV, home.  Carried 650ml cordial, 4 gels and 4 gums.  Felt fine, took it steady and was pleased that my pace improved towards the end.  Kept it to 13 miles as I start a taper for Worksop Half next weekend.  A good run.

Distance:  21.37km
Time:  2:06:25
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  5:55 min/km
Avg cadence:  88spm

training run #344

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Friday 21 October, 05:53

Cool and rainy, 9C.  Light rain all the run, which was the usual 7 miles, 2 laps of RV.  Tightened chest strap for HRM and this helped avoid yesterday’s spikes.  Remembered gloves as well and enjoyed the run in spite of the damp weather.  Was going to do an easy pace after yesterday’s run, but at 2km I found my pace was good and got into a comfortable rhythm so kept on at that pace.  Thought I might beat Thursday’s time by just a few seconds but knocked 1 minute 20 seconds off, which is great!  Legs and joints feel fine.  A very good run 🙂

Distance:  11.52km
Time:  1:06:43
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  05:47 min/km
Avg cadence:  89spm

training run #343

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Thursday 20 October, 05:47

Dark, 3C, dry.  Usual 7 mile midweek run, 2x laps RV.  First run with the new headlight, found it very helpful and also rather odd.  The defined shadow around the beam of light made it feel like running with a full face swimming mask on.  But I was pleased with pace and overall time, I think the light gave me confidence to press on and be more sure of my footing.  A very cold morning but still in my usual running gear, no extra layers yet and I even forgot my gloves.

Distance:  11.46km
Time:  1:08:03
Avg HR:  155bpm (some high readings, spikes, probably more like 148bpm I think)
Avg pace:  5:56 min/km
Avg cadence:  88spm

results from the doctors

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Went to get results from my blood test, an annual review while I’m on simvastatin long term (possibly forever).  Doctor was pleased with the scores.

Liver function OK – bilirubin level 22 (normal expected level up to 21)

Overall cholesterol level 3.9

Didn’t catch the blood pressure score but doc said it was fine.  And I’d had a row with Jacqui on way out to the docs so surprised it wasn’t raised a bit 😉

Good results and will see the doc in another 12 months.

training run #342

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Saturday 15 October, 07:43

Cold, started at 4C, ended at 8C, clear sunny skies.  Went for usual 16 mile route – home – RV – Killamarsh – Woodall – Harthill – Kiveton – Wales – RV and extra lap – home.  Felt fine throughout, no niggles, kept pace around 6 minute/km mark.  Enjoyed the weather, brilliant run.  Carried 600ml cordial, drank 500ml, ate 4 gels and 4 gums.  Garmin measured slightly shorter distance than previous two 16 mile runs, pace felt the same.

Distance:  25.98km
Time:  2:33:38
Avg HR:  157bpm
Avg pace:  5:55 min/km
Avg cadence:  88spm