Day: October 6, 2011

training run #339

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Thursday 6 October, 06:02.

Cool, breezy, 7C, dark.  The start of autumn…  Went for the usual 2 laps of RV, 7 miles.  Kept a nice pace and realised it was slightly faster than my recent runs and tried to maintain it.  Felt good and didn’t mind the cooler weather.  Only very light showers on and off.  Saw I was heading for 60 mins for 10km and sped up a bit at 9.5km – passed through 10km in 59:58 🙂

Distance:  11.37km
Time:  1:08:41
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  6:02 min/km
Avg cadence:  89spm