Day: November 27, 2011

training run #359

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Sunday 27 November, 09:21

Very windy, about 8C, some puddles underfoot but didn’t get any showers.  Went for the same 16 mile run as previously but felt strong at 15km and began to think about adding an extra lap of RV.  Tired at 25km but did an extra lap anyway to take it to 19 miles in total.  Mainly felt it in the knees, tired but not hurting.  Felt lots of headwind and sidewind but hardly any wind pushing me from behind in spite of the circular nature of my route.  At times it felt like I was running on the spot because of the strength of the wind!  Bearing that in mind I’d set off easy not trying to run at pace, not expecting a fast time.  Pleased with pace and stats.

Distance:  30.9km
Time:  3:05:47
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  6:01 min/km
Avg cadence:  87spm