training run #369

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Saturday 24 December, 09:16.  Christmas Eve!

Cool 6C, cloudy and breezy.  Went for usual 13 mile route.  Compromised with the weather not being frosty – wore running tights and gloves but no hat.  Carried 3 gels, no fluids.  Decided to leave compression calf guards at home, after feeling slight right calf niggle on the week’s runs and thinking the guards weren’t helping, maybe hindering.  Felt great from the start and legs were strong and bouncing along for the first half of the run.  The calf niggle was there on and off but not troubling my running.  Realised by halfway that I was doing a good pace so ignored HR and carried on pushing a bit.  Finished fine, if a bit tired.  Wore calf guards after a bath and they seemed fine during recovery.  This was the fastest time I’d clocked on this 13 mile route in training, beating the previous best (on 5/11/11) by 24 seconds.

Distance:  21.51km
Time:  2:04:21  (did 10km in 59:00, 20km in 1:55:37 and 21.1km in 2:02:05)
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  5:47 min/km
Avg cadence:  87spm

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