training run #392

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Tuesday 14 February, 12:11

Saw the physio for second appointment before work. My right calf seems to be improving and most of the meeting was taken up with massage treatment of the affected area. Was told to keep running so…

I mapped out a 10.6km run from my office taking in some hilly parts of Sheffield in a big loop. The first half of the run is uphill, steep in parts, and the last 5km is generally downhill back into town. (i went out on Manchester Road, drifted onto Redmires Road and returned via Fulwood Road) I got lost just after halfway, missed a turning and the map I’d printed wasn’t much use as I’d run off the left margin! Followed my nose and ended up adding 4km to the loop. Some very nice scenery on the very edge of the city. Felt good though and only felt right calf a couple of times.

Distance: 14.65km
Time: 1:27:46 (lots of stopping to read map and replan route!)
Avg HR: 153bpm
Avg pace: 5:59 min/km
Calories: 998

I have a third meeting with physio Friday pm to have a session on a treadmill to analyse my running.


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