Day: February 26, 2012

training run #399

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Sunday 26 February, 07:53

A sunny day, starting at a cold 5C and rising to 10C by the time I’d finished and stretched.  Went for a 16 mile run – my usual 13 mile route with an extra lap of Rother Valley.  Was surprised at the early pace, was feeling good so kept it going.  Was trying to use my glutes a bit and think that helped the pace.  Found a £1 coin followed by £1.80 in coins on the path, so this was a profitable run.  Around 20km, where I’d usually exit RV, the time was 1:53:40 so I knew the pace was good (for me).  21.1km came up in 1:58:45, and I thought I’d ease off and go into get-me-home pace, but it stayed around 5:40 min/km.  Right calf only niggled during the first mile or two, felt OK through the rest though it didn’t have the bounce of the left leg.

Distance:  25.97km
Time:  2:26:46 (my two November 16 milers were around 2:34)
Avg HR:  156bpm
Avg pace:  5:39 min/km
Calories:  1835