Month: February 2012

training run #393

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Thursday 16 February, 06:07

With patchy cloud cover and a bit of a breeze, I expected 5C to be quite cold but I took my hat off before I reached the park. Did my usual 2 laps / 7 miles and the niggle on right calf was only mildly noticeable on and off. It’s not as sharp a pain as previously but there’s still some soreness/stiffness at times. Didn’t need the headlight for the second lap as the sun was rising and the path was clearly visible. A pleasant change.

Distance: 11.53km
Time: 1:09:17
Avg HR: 142bpm
Avg pace: 6:01 min/km
Calories: 787

training run #392

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Tuesday 14 February, 12:11

Saw the physio for second appointment before work. My right calf seems to be improving and most of the meeting was taken up with massage treatment of the affected area. Was told to keep running so…

I mapped out a 10.6km run from my office taking in some hilly parts of Sheffield in a big loop. The first half of the run is uphill, steep in parts, and the last 5km is generally downhill back into town. (i went out on Manchester Road, drifted onto Redmires Road and returned via Fulwood Road) I got lost just after halfway, missed a turning and the map I’d printed wasn’t much use as I’d run off the left margin! Followed my nose and ended up adding 4km to the loop. Some very nice scenery on the very edge of the city. Felt good though and only felt right calf a couple of times.

Distance: 14.65km
Time: 1:27:46 (lots of stopping to read map and replan route!)
Avg HR: 153bpm
Avg pace: 5:59 min/km
Calories: 998

I have a third meeting with physio Friday pm to have a session on a treadmill to analyse my running.

training run #391

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Sunday 12 February, 09:27

4C, cool, breezy.  Still some compacted snow and ice on some parts of my route but largely clear.  Went on my usual 13 mile route at a nice and steady pace, after the physio said I should keep running.  He diagnosed a small tear between a calf muscle and ligament, but he’s confident it can be repaired and I should keep active.  Seeing him again on Tuesday morning.  I felt the right calf a little at the start and on and off during the run but I think its an improvement on last week.

Distance:  21.1km
Time:  2:06:59
Avg HR:  147bpm
Avg pace:  6:01 min/km
Calories:  1458

training run #390

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Thursday 9 February, 06:05

Cold, 0C but felt colder with a chill breeze from Killamarsh. Usual 7 mile route and felt right calf through to around 5.5 miles. Thought it was improving the last few days but today it’s back to an uncomfortable stiffness that is affecting my gait. RV was more slippery than yesterday and going through one gate into the park I landed on my backside. No damage done. That made me ease off the pace and just get round safely.
I’ve just booked to see a physio Friday pm about the calf. Hope it’s something straightforward not requiring a long layoff.

Distance: 11.56km
Time: 1:11:40
Avg HR: 140bpm
Avg pace: 6:12 min/km
Calories: 824

training run #389

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Wednesday 8 February, 06:05.

Cold, minus 4C, lots of compacted ice and snow underfoot but otherwise dry.  Wrapped up for my usual 7 mile route.  Got more confident with balancing on the slippery surface as the run progressed and maintained an OK pace.  Right calf still niggly.  Felt great to beat the conditions.

Distance:  11.47km
Time:  1:08:53
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km
Calories:  791

training run #388

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Sunday 5 February, 08:25

Cold -4C, a few inches of snow fell overnight.  Wrapped up well and went for my usual 13 mile run.  Kept it easy and focused on avoiding injury, not bothered about pace.  The route was a mixture of lightly-trodden snow, compacted car tyre tracks and wet and sloppy roads, with lots of zig-zagging to avoid oncoming traffic.  Right calf seemed quite a bit improved, so I’m hoping it’ll ease off completely with more calf exercises and time.  Knees and hamstrings felt the difficult terrain, like running on sand.  Had 3 gels, no drink.  A good workout and pleased to get round without any problems 🙂

Distance:  21.3km
Time:  2:16:22
Avg HR:  148bpm
Avg pace:  6:24 min/km
Calories:  1554

training session #387

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Wednesday 1 February, 06:19

Rather than run round Hyde Park I decided to go on the treadmill in the hotel gym. Built the speed up to ‘6’ and elevation ‘1’ and kept it going for 40 minutes or so.

Distance: probably about 4 miles
Time: 41:03:98
Avg HR: 138bpm
Calories: 482

A nice change to outdoor running but don’t plan to do this or the cycle machine very often. I miss the varied speed and cool environment, sweating buckets indoors!

Slight niggle right calf, might not be as bad as usual but it’s still there.