Month: March 2012

training run #419

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Saturday 31 March, 05:11 (yes, really!)

Overcast and breezy, 9C.  Started out early as we have a lot to do later in the day and I wanted to try to get 20 miles in.  Started out at an easy pace, and I couldn’t see the Garmin in the dark anyway to check splits.  As it got lighter I could see it was a slow pace but didn’t speed up to save energy for later.  Carried 3 packs of jelly babies, 4 gels and 500ml water, and got through them all gradually through the run.  Had the usual calf niggles but nothing too serious and no new problems.  Did the same route as the 18 mile runs I’ve done recently, and added 2 loops of the northern lake to add 2 miles.  Had some drizzle on a couple of the RV laps, but not too heavy and it was refreshing.  I finished with a bit more energy than the 18 mile runs, because of the better pacing.  Could have carried on a bit, which is encouraging – after recent 18 milers I’d been spent.  Pleased that the HR stayed in the 140s most of the time.  This is the longest training run I’ve ever done, and is only bettered by the Paris and Rome marathons I’ve completed.  It really feels like I’m on track for the Manchester marathon, just need to stay injury-free for a few more weeks.

Distance:  32.3km
Time:  3:19:02
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  6:10 min/km
Calories:  2148

training run #418

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Thursday 29 March, 06:04

Cool, 7C with clear skies. The usual 8 mile route but my left calf was stiffer than my right this time. Thought I was pushing a good time, not a PB, but was surprised total time wasn’t a minute faster than it was. Avg HR was good again 🙂

Distance: 12.82km
Time: 1:14:17
Avg HR: 141bpm
Avg pace: 5:48 min/km
Calories: 927

training run #417

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Tuesday 27 March, 06:11

A cold morning, 3C, clear skies so wrapped up for my 8 mile run. Calves felt tight so took it easy, kept the pace around 6:00 per km, and they eased off by the second lap. RV was misty in places. A slow time but very pleased to see average heart rate in the mid-130s. More like marathon race pace, a level I can sustain for long distances.

Distance: 12.87km
Time: 1:16:44
Avg HR: 135bpm
Avg pace: 5:58 min/km
Calories: 848

training run #416

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Monday 26 March, 06:06

A cold morning, clear skies and about 2C. Wrapped up well to do my usual 8 mile route. I’d had very little reaction to Saturdays long run, but was stripping lots of wallpaper on Sunday. Legs felt ok with the usual niggles so took it easy. RV was foggy but in spite of the clocks going forward I didn’t need a head torch. Pace on first lap was good, pace on second lap was slower, for an overall pretty slow time compared to recent runs. No matter, my key objective is to avoid injury in the lead up to Manchester marathon and will keep running according to how I feel rather than what Garmin says. The distance measured today was a bit long, so perhaps Garmin had problems finding GPS when I was in the fog.

Distance: 13.05km
Time: 1:15:55
Avg HR: 145bpm (probably lower than this due to spikes)
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 862

training run #415

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Saturday 24 March, 06:35

A cool foggy day, 7C.  I started early due to there being a 10k race at RV late morning, and I wanted to avoid the disruption/barriers, etc.  Wore a flashing light on my arm as part of my route doesn’t have footpaths.  Legs felt good and I just went at a steady pace for the 18 mile route from last couple of weekends.  Both legs got a bit of calf stiffness on and off, but nothing too bad.

I tried a bag of Sport Beans (14 large orange flavoured jelly beans) and also had 2 small packs of jelly babies, 3 gels and 500ml water.  The jelly babies are more cost effective than the beans.  I was looking at increasing my calorie intake for long runs, and think that that, with a slightly slower pace, helped me have a bit more strength left on the last lap.  Pleased with much lower avg HR as well, a better bet for finishing the marathon in good shape if I maintain that sort of HR.

Distance:  29.47km
Time:  2:53:58
Avg HR:  151bpm
Avg pace:  5:54 min/km
Calories:  1974

training run #414

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Thursday 22 March, 06:06

Three years ago yesterday I started running to improve my general health, after a doctor gave me a kick up the backside.  With some encouragement from my twin brother Jeff ( I literally got off the couch and did training run #1 on 21 March 2009: . My target then was to complete a 10km race in September 2009.  Little did I realise I’d get the running bug and step up to doing half marathons and full marathons…

Today was a cold start, 3C, and Rother Valley was filled with fog.  I went on my usual 8 mile route.  Legs felt fine and the usual niggles were minor and not a problem.  Kept a steady pace and managed to pick it up as I warmed up.  A good run.

Distance:  12.96km
Time:  1:12:49
Avg HR:  146bpm (few spikes at the start, so real avg may be 145/144)
Avg pace:  5:37 min/km
Calories:  862


training run #413

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Tuesday 20 March, 06:09

Mild 10C, bright and sunny. Went for usual 8 mile run and added on a diversion to the post sorting office on the way home to pick up a parcel, making a total of 9 miles. The usual niggles but no real problems.

Distance: 14.5km
Time: 1:23:55
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:47 min/km
Calories: 956

training run #412

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Monday 19 March, 06:08

Frozen windscreens and frosty gardens, 2C at most. I was pleasantly surprised that my calves hardly reacted at all to Saturdays long run, but still felt a bit heavy legged today. Just went for my usual 8 mile route, kept it steady and the pace gradually increased as my legs got going. Wasn’t trying for a fast time, just enjoying the nice sunrise.

Distance: 12.94km
Time: 1:14:44
Avg HR: 149bpm but some odd peaks at start so prob nearer 146bpm
Avg pace: 5:47 min/km
Calories: 648 (seems low, others are around 900)

training run #411

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Saturday 17 March, 08:21

Mild and bright, 9C. Tshirt and shorts for this one, and the sun came out for lots of the run. Did the same 18 mile route as last weekend. Calves had been very good on Friday and they were not much trouble today. Blisters are still slowly retreating. Tired on the last lap of RV (HR was showing in the 170s that lap!) but pleased to get another long run under my belt. Knocked a minute off last week’s time but I was just trying to finish without any new injuries.

Distance: 29.55km
Time: 2:49:35
Avg HR: 166bpm think I need to replace the battery in the strap
Avg pace: 5:44 min/km
Calories: 2228

training run #410

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Wednesday 14 March, 06:05

Not cold but not mild either, an overcast day 7C. Had planned to do this run tomorrow but have a dentist appointment, so it means another 8 mile run for the third day in a row. Right calf stiff at first but eased off as usual. Kept to an easy pace and didn’t check splits, thought it would be slower than yesterday but overall time was just 5 seconds slower. At times I got into a nice flowing running style, felt good.

Distance: 12.93km
Time: 1:13:54
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:43 min/ lm
Calories: 912