training run #403

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Sunday 4 March, 08:23

Cold and wet, 6C. Got up early expecting to get out for a 16 mile run before the forecast rain arrived, but it was wet from the start. In spite of that it was a good run. I didn’t push the pace just kept it steady and used my glutes. Usual calf niggles but not a big problem.

Still trying things to get rid of blisters on my instep, the left being worse than the right. Taping over a blister plaster partially worked except some of the tape peeled up and caused a new small blister!

Was soaked through at the end of the run, and if I had not wore a hat think I would have been too cold. It started hailing as I stretched off. I look at the run as good preparation for the Manchester Marathon where rain is always a possibility.

At Manchester I read they’ll have Clif bars and Clif Shot Bloks at some of the feeding stations, so picked some up to give them a go. Had a Clif bar for a snack before the run. It was OK. On the run I had a berry flavour pack of Bloks and once you fight your way into the wrapper they were good, like square squidgy wine gums. I carried and drank 500ml water and had a SIS gel on the last loop of RV.

Can’t believe it’s a PB, 20 seconds faster than last week in spite of the conditions 🙂

Distance: 25.78km
Time: 2:26:26
Avg HR: 154bpm
Avg pace: 5:41 min/km
Calories: 1876


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