Day: March 7, 2012

training run #405

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Wednesday 7 March, 06:05

Mild, 9C, light drizzle. Went for an 8 mile run, same as yesterday. Blisters and calf were the same too, a pain on the first lap and less noticeable for the rest of the run. The drizzle got heavier but didn’t dampen my enjoyment. I didn’t check my splits, just ran at what felt like a good pace. At times on the second lap I got into an effortless rhythm and felt like I was flying along. A good run that was 15 seconds faster than run #398, and average HR was 6bpm less too, all in spite of a strong headwind on my side of RV. A new PB.

Distance: 12.88km
Time: 1:11:38
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:34 min/km
Calories: 940