Day: March 10, 2012

training run #407

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Saturday 10 March, 08:33

Mild, breezy 11C, lots of cloud. The sun came out and I would have been better in a tshirt than the long sleeved top I had on. Went for usual long run route and tried to keep to an easy pace to leave some energy for an extra lap of RV. Calf and blisters didn’t trouble me for most of the run. Carried 500ml water, 2 gels and 1 pack of Bloks. Was tiring on the extra lap of RV so I stopped at the exit of the park, at 18 miles, rather than blow a gasket on the steep hill. Walked home for a cool down.

Distance: 29.41km
Time: 2:50:49
Avg HR: 153bpm
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 2219