training run #416

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Monday 26 March, 06:06

A cold morning, clear skies and about 2C. Wrapped up well to do my usual 8 mile route. I’d had very little reaction to Saturdays long run, but was stripping lots of wallpaper on Sunday. Legs felt ok with the usual niggles so took it easy. RV was foggy but in spite of the clocks going forward I didn’t need a head torch. Pace on first lap was good, pace on second lap was slower, for an overall pretty slow time compared to recent runs. No matter, my key objective is to avoid injury in the lead up to Manchester marathon and will keep running according to how I feel rather than what Garmin says. The distance measured today was a bit long, so perhaps Garmin had problems finding GPS when I was in the fog.

Distance: 13.05km
Time: 1:15:55
Avg HR: 145bpm (probably lower than this due to spikes)
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 862


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