Day: April 5, 2012

training run #421

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Thursday 5 April, 06:10

Cold, 2C, so wrapped up for the usual 8 mile run.  Didn’t manage to run either Tuesday due to legs (calves) feeling stiff and tired or Wednesday due to snow.  Nice and dry today and legs felt strong.  Still felt the usual calf niggles etc but kept a good pace and got faster as the miles clicked off.  Shame to miss a weekday run on my last week of peak mileage, but better to be careful, avoid injury and save myself for the long weekend run.

Distance:  12.92km
Time:  1:13:24 (well over 4 mins faster than Monday’s run)
Avg HR:  146bpm (includes spikes into the 170s at the start)
Avg pace:  5:41 min/km
Calories:  951