Day: April 29, 2012

Greater Manchester Marathon 2012

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Sunday 29th April, 09:06

The day was cold, wet and getting wetter, windy and getting windier!  Ran with Jeff of course.   I added a plastic poncho to my attire to keep me as dry as possible; Jeff had a bin bag.  It was great to start a marathon in good shape and without significant injury, and we took it steady to save energy for later.  The rain and wind was awful.  Some of the country lanes were full of muddy puddles.  But the marshalls and spectators that provided support were brilliant – they must have been soaked and freezing.

The last 5-6 miles were really tough.  I was running on empty and they seemed to pass so slowly.  My calves were tired and stiffening, but the main problem was my thigh muscles beginning to struggle and my right hamstring getting tight.  I just managed to keep moving and probably slowed Jeff quite a bit.

It’s a PB and I’m so pleased to finish this one without injury and by running from beginning to end.  The relief was overwhelming at the finish and we really earned our medals today.  The months and months of early morning runs paid off.

Jeff and me at the finish of Greater Manchester Marathon

Distance:  42.27km
Time:  Garmin – 4:25:52  (The time on the marathon tracker site is gun time – 4:28:26)
Avg HR:  151bpm
Avg pace:  6:17 min/km
Calories:  3278

From marathon website:

   Start Mat 09:06 am 00:02:39
   10 Kilometres
   10 Mile 10:41 am 01:37:12
   Half Marathon 11:11 am 02:07:10
   20 Mile 12:22 pm 03:18:06
   Spotter 01:32 pm 04:28:10
   Finish 01:32 pm 04:28:26
   PostSpotter 01:32 pm 04:28:36