training run #433

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Sunday 13 May, 07:44

Mild and sunny 10C, with a nice breeze. T-shirt weather for a 7 mile run, two laps of RV. Kept it to an easy pace and felt good. Hardly any niggles on left calf, nothing on the right. Garmin battery died just after the first lap so have estimated some data.

Planning to get back up to 3/4 runs every week and get the weekend long runs back up to half marathon distance and above to prepare for Hell on the Humber in August. The travelling for work and the wife’s touring may interfere but really need to get back to some regular running, after recovering from the Manchester Marathon.

Distance: 11.7km estimated
Time: 1:07:00 estimated
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:38 min/km
Calories: 800 estimated


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