training run #453

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Sunday 8 July, 08:29

It started a bit cool and overcast 14C, and improved to 19C and sunny.  Went for my usual 13 mile route, and as I’ve had a sore throat and runny nose decided to take it steady and not overdo it.  Found that my Garmin FR100 needed charging, so wore my old FR60.  It was just a stopwatch as I didn’t bother to pair it with HR belt and footpod.  At least that meant I concentrated on how I was feeling – perceived rate of exertion – rather than relying on data.  The usual left knee niggles, but they came and went; noted they were more noticeable on downhill sections.  Used 500ml water and 3 small bags of jelly babies, and was a bit dehydrated at the end.

Distance:  21km
Time:  2:10:29


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