Day: August 8, 2012

training run #471

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Wednesday 8 August, 06:11

Cool, 12C, sunny.  It felt colder than yesterday, I could see my breath, so wore a lightweight running jacket and gloves.  Kept my arms and hands cosy, after yesterday.  Went for a 7 mile run, and at Rother Valley the water was shrouded in mist for the first lap.  A nice sunrise.  Kept up a good pace for the first lap (maybe 5:50 min/km) and speeded up for the second lap (approx 5:30 min/km).  Felt strong and finished OK.

Distance:  11.47km
Time:  1:04:57
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km
Calories:  791