training run #486

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Wednesday 12 September, 06:06

Cool, 9C but with mostly clear skies. Went for my usual 7 mile run and there was a ‘red sky in the morning’ preceding the actual sunrise; very nice. I started at an easy pace and gradually speeded up. The first lap I seemed to be doing around 5:50 min/km pace and for lots of the second lap I was sprinting along at 5:18 min/km pace (or relatively sprinting for me I should say). Part of this was trying to stay ahead of another runner on lap 2 and it worked 🙂

I felt good even at the faster pace and my niggles were less noticeable too. No ill after effects, in fact I think it was great. Knocked over 3 minutes off my times on Mon/Tues but it’s not a PB. Was surprised my average HR wasn’t higher.

Distance: 11.46km
Time: 1:05:31
Avg HR: 147bpm
Avg pace: 5:43 min/km
Calories: 781

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