Berlin Marathon 30 September 2012

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Sunday 30 September, 09:00

Cold and sunny with clear skies on the start.  I needed a poncho to keep some heat in as runners gathered on the starting line.  It took 25 minutes for my section of runners to pass over the starting point, 09:25.  Took it steady and had to take care due to the crowd of runners.  35,500 apparently started the event.

Big reactions from the crowd and other runners to me and Jeff running together.  Was surprised the crowds were along the whole route and very enthusiastic.  Lots of music too.  I stopped for water at virtually every water point, also taking on tea and bananas when available.

I remember a guy called Olivier who asked if we were Kenyans or had seen any, a real joker that we bumped into several times in the race.

Left knee niggle started a bit into the race but soon became minor compared to the complaints I was getting from most other muscles and joints.  I really tired and slowed in the last 6-7 miles, but was determined to keep it going and not walk.

The sight of the Brandenburg Gate was very welcome, a real relief and I was a bit emotional crossing over the finish line.  The biggest and best big city marathon I’ve done so far.  No real injuries; minor blister right big toe.   Was surprised with the ‘slow’ time, but it is probably due to lots of water stops and a relatively warm day.

Distance:  42.195km (Garmin 42.95km)
Time:  4:50:30
Avg HR:  no idea, didn’t wear HR strap
Avg pace:  6:46 min/km
Calories:  3,714


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