Day: November 8, 2012

training run #500!

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A landmark run.  Who would have thought that when I started running from scratch on 21 March 2009 that I’d complete 500 training runs, a few 10ks and half marathons,  full marathons in Paris, Rome, Manchester and Berlin, and a 12 hour overnight endurance event running and walking 44 miles.  Incredible, and far beyond my wildest expectations as I did my first training run:  I’ve got to thank my twin brother Jeff for getting me started, it’s changed my outlook and my life.

Thursday 8 November, 06:01

Milder than of late, 9C, breezy with a bit of light drizzle at the start and finish.  Went for my usual 7 mile run, starting off in the dark.  None of the usual niggles but I knocked my left ankle bone on a car door on Sunday, felt it a bit at the time, then it started to hurt a bit more yesterday.  It was a niggle for the first 2k, then wore off completely.  Otherwise an uneventful, straightforward run to mark this training milestone.

Distance:  11.41km
Time:  1:08:25
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km
Calories:  876