Day: November 13, 2012

training run #503

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Tuesday 13 November, 05:59

A clear, cool 11C, or so I thought.  I felt a chill opening the front door so slipped on my lightweight running jacket.  By the time I’d got round the corner I realised it was a mistake, but unzipped it a lot and carried on for my usual 7 mile run.  Fairly uneventful, my legs felt a bit heavy in parts of the second lap.  Felt the left ankle/foot as usual for the first 2km.  Pleased with average HR, but in the dark I wasn’t really aware of my pace or HR at the time.

Distance:  11.49km
Time: 1:08:53
Avg HR:  140bpm
Avg pace:  6:00 min/km
Calories:  826