training run #508

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Thursday 29 November, 06:10

Freezing cold, frosty, clear skies with a full moon.  Thermometer said 1C but it must have been below 0C.  It took two days to get over the calf cramp, but I felt good today so did a single lap, 4 miles.  Wrapped up well and stepped carefully with the icy puddles and paths on my route.  Surprised by the pace, but Garmin seems to have gone wrong.  It had me starting in Killamarsh a mile from my actual starting point, and recorded about half a kilometer too much distance.  Astonishingly, it also recorded an elevation gain of 43,198m, instead of the 46m it recorded for Friday’s run!  Only felt slight stiffness in left calf. Pleased to get back running so quickly, as on Monday I’d feared the worst, a long layoff.

Distance:  should be 6.8km, recorded 7.36km
Time:  40:03
Avg HR:  150bpm
Avg pace:  recorded 5:27 min/km, but actual more like 5:53 min/km
Calories:  505


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