Day: December 21, 2012

training run #516

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Friday 21 December, 06:15

Cool, 8C, with a strong breeze blowing from the West.  On this shortest day of the year I decided to do another 4 mile run.  I expected the paths around Rother Valley to be very soggy after 24 hours of rain, though it wasn’t raining now.  The water level was very high and actually crossed the path around the northern lake.  Around that point (5k) I got my feet very wet and my right trainer in particular was flooded.  Running along it sounded like ‘thump, squelch, thump, squelch’, etc.  No problems and pleased to complete a good spell of activity on consecutive days this week – swim, run, run, swim, run.

It’ll start to get brighter earlier in the mornings from now on, though I know I’ll still be running in the dark for a few weeks yet.

Distance:  6.78km
Time:  40:15
Avg HR:  153bpm
Avg pace:  5:56 min/km
Calories:  545