Month: December 2012

training run #515

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Wednesday 19 December, 06:16

Cold 5C, dark, chill wind blowing from Killamarsh.  Went for a 4 mile run at RV.  Felt fine, no niggles.

Distance:  6.88km
Time:  39:45
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  5:47 min/km
Calories:  470

training run #514

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Tuesday 18 December, 08:06

Cool 7C, overcast.  Went for a 4 mile run.  Legs were a little tired from the swim the previous evening so kept it easy.  No niggles.  Good run.

Distance:  6.82km
Time:  39:57
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  5:52 min/km
Calories:  512

swim #5

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Monday 17 December, 20:00

Went for a swim with Jacqui at Westfield.  Aimed to do 40 x 25m breaststroke lengths but carried on and reached 60.  Then did a few warm down laps.  Felt fine but know I’m slow and my technique is poor, meaning I’m working harder than I need to.  Pleased I could keep going though.

Distance:  1500m
Time:  60 mins approx

training run #513

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Sunday 16 December, 08:40

Cool, 3C, sunny.  Went for a 4 mile run around RV.  Have taken 2 weeks off due to a chesty cough and very keen to get back in training, even though I’ve still got a slight bit of cold.  Started out with an easy 4 miler.  Garmin battery died and I didn’t have time to charge it, so I timed myself with my BlackBerry, no other data.  Ran easy then followed another bloke that was running my sort of pace, probably just a little faster than I’d planned.  Bits of white frosted path, and frozen puddles, but there wasn’t the stretches of black ice that made recent runs so tricky.  No niggles and no reaction afterwards.  Will hopefully build up to my regular 4 x 7 miles a week mileage.

Distance:  6.8km
Time:  39:05
Avg HR:  no Garmin, estimated at 152bpm
Avg pace:  5:44 min/km
Calories:  ?

swim #4

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Monday 10 December

Went for a swim with Jacqui & Emma, at Westfield.  It’s a small pool, about 19.5m long until they move a barrier back to make it 25m.  Did 20+ easy lengths, then a block of 40 lengths breaststroke, 40x20m = 800m.  Tried a bit of front crawl and Emma helped my technique a bit.  But much prefer breaststoke.

Previous swim session was March 2010, and it was good to get back in the water.  Trying to encourage Emma and Jacqui to exercise, and it’ll be good to cross-train a bit.

training run #512

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Wednesday 5 December, 06:01

Another frosty start, 1C.  Went for the usual 7 mile run.  In spite of being apparently 3 degrees Celsius colder than Tuesday, the route was more sloppy than slippy.  Only found two slightly slippy bits on the first lap.  However, I was really caught out on the second lap, the temp must have dipped.  There was far more ice about, I nearly came a cropper a few times and the 700m long smooth tarmac stretch around the water ski lake was like running on marbles.  Made it home safe and pleased to do so.  Still got a slight cough, no niggles.

[By today (Thursday) I’ve got a proper cough and sore throat so laid off a planned run this morning, a shame as even the thermometer next to the bedroom window is showing minus 2C, so it’s probably -4 or -5 in reality]

Distance:  11.5km
Time:  1:07:17
Avg HR:  147bpm
Avg pace:  5:51 min/km
Calories:  866

training run #511

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Tuesday 4 December, 06:01

A cold, blustery 4C.  Went for my usual 7 mile run.  Following a cold night Rother Valley had lots of treacherous ice patches and frozen puddles, far more than I’ve seen recently.  I almost fell at least 3 times, and my overall time was very, very good considering this.  I’d started with a bit of a cough on Monday and not felt 100%, but so far it hasn’t worsened into a proper cough or cold.  A bit of drizzle halfway through the run, then as I stretched off outside the house a proper shower came over, timed it nicely.  A good run.  No niggles.

Distance:  11.44km
Time:  1:06:30
Avg HR:  150bpm
Avg pace:  5:49 min/km
Calories:  867