Month: January 2013

swim #11

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Thursday 31 January, 20:30

Went for a swim with Jacqui at Westfield.  The pool quickly got busy and trying to stick to my lane next to the side of the pool I had to doggy paddle a fair bit to avoid hitting people.  Managed 40 lengths and felt fine.

Distance:  1000m (40x25m)
Time:  about 40 minutes

training run #538

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Wednesday 30 January, 06:12

A mild morning, 10C, with strong winds and light showers.  Went for my usual 7 mile run.  It was less wet and muddy underfoot than I’d expected after heavy rain.  This was the first run in a while without snow and ice, so I was able to change my running style and cadence to suit the better conditions.  It felt fast and I was pleased with the time.  Garmin was a bit short measuring the distance.  Only noticed my right leg niggle afterwards, slightly.  Before and during the run I felt a small niggle on my left calf.

Distance:  11.36km (short – usually 11.5km)
Time:  1:05:15
Avg HR:  147bpm
Avg pace:  5:45 min/km
Calories:  699

swim #10

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Monday 28 January, 20:00

Went for a swim with Jacqui at Westfield.  The pool was comfortably full at the start so I claimed the lane down one side.  Planned on an easy paced 40 laps.  No dramas.

Distance:  1000m (40x25m)
Time:  about 41 minutes

training run #537

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Monday 28 January, 06:03

Cold, frosty.  The thermometer said 2.5C, but I was caught out when it was actually 0C or lower.  I’d expected slightly milder weather and didn’t bother with running tights expecting a sloshy, muddy run today.  But there was a freezing wind, and every puddle and stretch of water lying on the path was frozen and risky to run on.  I only slipped twice and didn’t fall down.  Some parts of the route were white with heavy frost but OK to run on, but a rutted section and all the frozen puddles slowed me a bit.  I enjoyed it anyway, running in the light of a full moon.

Distance:  11.5km
Time:  1:08:48
Avg HR:  136bpm
Avg pace:  5:59 min/km
Calories:  767

swim #9

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Thursday 24 January, 20:30

Swimming at Westfield with Jacqui. The pool was moderately busy but I got a lane along one side. Just did 40 lengths at a comfortable pace for me.

Distance:  1000m  40x25m lengths
Time: about 42 minutes

training run #536

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Thursday 24 January, 06:09

Freezing cold, allegedly 2C but felt well below zero.  Third day in a row for a run on the snow-covered Rother Valley paths, 7 miles again.  I half-thought about just doing one lap, after yesterday’s feet-skidding slow run at great effort, but decided that as I’d got up in the dark and got ready I’d make the most of it and aim for two laps.  The paths were a mixture of surfaces today; still plenty of smooth and compacted white snow, but more parts that were slightly soft, and more icy rutted sections too.  Ever-changing underfoot and I depended on my head torch to find my footing.  I had four major slips, the last one almost got me on the floor, and one rutted section half-turned my left ankle but no damage.  I felt the right leg niggle a bit more today.  Bitterly cold and I’m hoping the weather forecast for a bit of relatively milder weather at the weekend is correct.

Distance:  11.52km
Time:  1:10:38
Avg HR:  141bpm
Avg pace:  6:08 min/km
Calories:  828

training run #535

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Wednesday 23 January, 06:03

Cold again, the thermometer says 2C but it must be colder. Another 7 mile run on the snow. The paths were more compacted snow today, so more slippy and even harder than yesterday to push off. This slowed me a lot but made for a good HR.  It felt tough running like that, and right leg niggle was noticeable. Light snow fell during the run, I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t for my head torch.

Distance:  11.54km
Time:  1:12:48
Avg HR:  138bpm
Avg pace:  6:19 min/km
Calories:  783