training run #540

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Saturday 2 February, 08:11

Cold, 1C, sunny and breezy.  Went for a 10 mile run, 3 laps of Rother Valley.  Decided to run without running tights, just shorts.  I also took off my hat in the first 2k as I was warming up a bit, but the strong, cold wind was noticeable on the far side of RV.  Felt good and was pleased with the early pace, in the 5:45 min/km range.  This speeded up slightly on the second and third laps to finish running around 5:30 min/km (estimate).  I had one gel at halfway.  Enjoyed this run in the sun after lots of dark mornings.  Comparing this to the last 10-miler (12 Jan #529) I’m something like 5:44 mins faster overall today, and finished quite strong, almost sprinting the last bit to the house.   I’d concentrated on my running style today, making sure I was landing on the ball of my feet and not pushing off too much, just gliding with a fast cadence.  Doing that, the pace just followed.

I almost had a catastrophe exiting RV, when a small dog came around the corner smiling and moving in my general direction with a happy disposition, but he/she didn’t change course.  I was lining up to turn out of RV and go up the hill and had to hurdle the dog at the last minute.  Not a graceful manoevre but the owner around the corner on his mobile was oblivious to it.

Didn’t feel right leg niggle during the run, jut slightly afterwards.  Minor niggle left knee on the middle lap but it quickly went off.  Right calf slightly stiff after bath and breakfast.

Distance:  16.24km
Time:  1:31:59
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km
Calories:  1002


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