Day: February 20, 2013

training run #550

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Wednesday 20 February, 06:09

Cold, 4C, drizzle, a chilly wind blowing from the east making the nearside of RV a lot colder than the far side.  Went for my usual 7 mile run, but as it was 8C warmer (or less cold) than yesterday I left the hat and running tights at home.  Had drizzle for the first 4km, and it was damp underfoot throughout.  Felt right leg niggle slightly, but otherwise strong and comfortable.  Pleased with the low HR for a 64-minute run on this route.

Distance:  11.47km
Time:  1:04:36
Avg HR:  141bpm
Avg pace:  5:38 min/km
Calories:  788
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