Day: February 28, 2013

swim #16

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Thursday 28 February, 16:33

Went for a swim with Jacqui at Ponds Forge, for a change.  Our BT Infinity installation was completed earlier than expected at lunchtime so we made use of the afternoon off work and went into town to see what the lane swimming at Ponds was like.  The leaflet said the whole of the pool was marked off for lane swimming, but when I got out of the changing room only 2 lanes were for public lane swimming and the rest was used by swim squads doing drills, by the look of it.

I picked the slow lane (as opposed to medium) and set off to do the usual 1000m.  There were 6-8 others in the lane but I hardly had to do any overtaking.  It did seem a bit narrow at times and I stubbed a toe on the wall keeping out of the way.

It is a 50m pool and I think it took a bit more effort than swimming in a 25m pool, keeping going and also the waves from the kids doing butterfly etc.  I kept a reasonable pace for me and was pleased with the overall time.

Distance:  1000m (20x50m) plus an extra cool down length
Time:  approx 36 minutes I think

training run #554

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Thursday 28 February, 06:08

Freezing cold, -2C, a few thin, high clouds and a slight, chilly breeze.  Went for my usual 7 mile run.  I’ve had a head cold for a few days, and with a very long day working in London on Tuesday  I decided not to run Wednesday morning.  That was a good call, as I’ve mostly got over the sniffles and sneezing now.  Wrapped up well and wore head torch, but didn’t need it with the pre-dawn light enough to run by.  There was a heavy frost at RV but only a few iced-over puddles to watch out for, not a big risk.  I enjoyed watching a bright red sky, and the sun peeped over the horizon as climbed the hill out of RV at the end; very nice.  Felt a slight right leg niggle on the first lap, and a brief left knee niggle, but not bad.  Pleased with the overall time and HR, especally as I’ve not been well.

Distance:  11.53km
Time:  1:04:11
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  5:34 min/km
Calories:  818
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