Month: March 2013

training run #572

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Sunday 31 March, 07:42

Cold and frosty to start, at least -1C and probably lower.  Intended to do a 20 mile run today using the same route as last Sunday but carrying on at High Moor to go past Pebley Reservoir before turning left to go through Harthill.  Carried 500ml water and 3 lemon and lime gels.  Amazon sent me the wrong flavour – but I like them, fortunately.

Felt good early on and tried to keep to a sensible pace.  The sun came out and I think the temp had climbed up to 3C or 4C by the end.  The route has lots of ups and downs so it is more challenging than the flat of RV.  At 16/17 miles my legs started to feel a bit heavy, but I finished off the last of my water and I got a bit of strength and bounce back.  Almost no niggles to speak of.  With the sun out and just a light breeze it was perfect weather conditions and I enjoyed completing this long run.  Didn’t have a lot left at the end, but it gives me confidence for the marathon.

Distance:  32.38km
Time:  3:05:42
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  5:44 min/km
Calories:  2251
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swim #19

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Thursday 28 March, 20:33

A swim at Westfield.  Not too busy but went in a roped off lane.  Shared it with two faster swimmers but we passed each other nicely.  I’m confident I counted 40 lengths accurately but can’t believe I finished about 21:07, total 34 mins.

Distance:  1,000m (40x25m)
Time:  34 mins

training run #571

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Thursday 28 March, 06:12

Cold, 0C, but hardly a breeze and a glorious sunrise at RV.  Went for the usual 7 miles.  Frozen puddles and a few icy stretches but not dangerous. Had two layers on today and it was about right.  The usual minor niggles and didn’t feel like pushing for a fast time today.

Distance:  11.46km
Time:  1:04:37
Avg HR:  139bpm
Avg pace:  5:38 min/km
Calories:  821
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training run #570

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Wednesday 27 March, 06:12

Cold and overcast, 1C.  Todays 7 mile run was accompanied by constant snow falling and a chill easterly wind. Wrapped up well, but probably didn’t need three layers.  The path at RV was mostly dry and clear of ice with just a few puddles to hurdle over.  Felt the usual niggles but nothing too bad.  A fast time for me, only 40 seconds off my PB and I wasn’t really trying for it.  I just knew it was a decent time.

Distance:  11.5km
Time:  1:02:23 🙂
Avg HR:  144bpm 🙂
Avg pace:  5:25 min/km 🙂
Calories:  794
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training run #569

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Tuesday 26 March, 06:14

A cold morning, 1C.  Wrapped up well for a 7 mile run.  It started snowing as I left the house and carried on for the whole of the run.  Overnight a light covering of snow had fallen.  At RV the puddles were wet and there wasn’t any ice to slip on; not what I’d expected at all.  Felt right leg niggle on the first lap but otherwise a straightforward,  if cold, run.  The time is decent given that I couldn’t push off as strongly as usual on the snowy parts.

Distance:  11.47km
Time:  1:04:57
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km
Calories:  720
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swim #18

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Monday 25 March, 20:05

After missing swimming for a couple of weeks – Jacqui has had a cough/cold – we went to Westfield tonight.  Thought I’d get a better swim in the swimming lanes but the lifeguards didnt rope them off.  Lots of swimming into each other because few others could imagine where the ropes would be and follow the clockwise/anticlockwise signs that had been placed at the ends.  Thought I’d done 40 lengths but the time was 35 mins, so may have miscounted;  did 2 extra anyway.

Distance:  1,000m (40x25m)
Time: 35 or 37 mins

training run #568

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Sunday 24 March, 06:37

Freezing cold, -3C, and a chill wind.  After a couple of days of heavy snowfall and cold temperatures I wondered if I’d get in a long run this weekend.  In the end I managed 18 miles 🙂

I wrapped up well with three layers and determined just to get around safely, doing only 13 miles if need be.  The side roads on the estate were very slippery and when I got to RV the path alternated between sheet ice and very uneven footsteps in frozen snow, likely to turn my ankle if I wasn’t careful.

After exiting RV I stuck to the side of the road as the paths were bad.  I followed the usual route through Killamarsh to Woodall and Harthill (there were 4 foot snowdrifts alongside the road at Harthill!) and as I approached Kiveton I decided to run straight on to Todwick crossroads rather than turn left to Wales / Ka China restaurant.  I’d avoid returning to RV and pick a road route instead.

At Todwick crossroads I turned left through the roadworks and crossed over the M1, then turned right to Aston / Swallownest.  I ran back towards Crystal Peaks, going straight on at Northern Foods and past the Police station, crossed the tram tracks and followed Moss Way to the end, turned left and ran past the tram terminus.  I carried on, turning left to go alongside Holbrook Industrial Estate, turned left at Grant & McAllin and right along the Avenue.  It probably looks like a big circular loop of a route on a map.

I carried 500ml water and 3 gels and used the lot.  No major niggles.  There were a lot more hills on this route, compared to the flat of RV where I usually do the additional laps.  But I felt OK and finished tired but not entirely shattered.   I did a similar overall time to last weekend but one mile less.  A great run, andjust relieved to avoid injury.

Distance:  28.93km
Time:  2:47:56      (about 2:03:13 at 21.1km/13 miles)
Avg HR: 147bpm
Avg pace:  5:48 min/km
Calories: 2042
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training run #567

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Thursday 21 March, 06:09

Cold; window thermometer said 2C, mobile app -2C.  Wrapped up for a 7 mile run.  No frozen puddles and just a few slightly slippy bits.  Felt right leg niggle on and off but left thigh was fine. Legs were not tired at the start but I didn’t feel like I had the usual bounce and toe-off.  Didn’t push it, just enjoyed the sunrise.  Pleased with the average HR figure 🙂

Distance:  11.49km
Time:  1:05:17
Avg HR:  136bpm
Avg pace:  5:41 min/km
Calories:  791
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training run #566

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Wednesday 20 March, 06:16

Cold, 2C, overcast.  Went for a 7 mile run.  Mixed weather, it kept switching between drizzle, sleet, snow and rain, with a chill breeze from the north east.  Last night while putting the bin out it got stuck at the gate and I kicked it instinctively to get it moving; after that I felt a slight stiffness on the inside of my left thigh near the top.  It was still there today so I thought I’d run easy and see what happened.

I’m on strike today but thought I’d get up early as usual and try to avoid forecast heavy snow/sleet.  Felt the usual right leg niggle on the first lap and seemed to slow a little on the second lap.  No big problems with left thigh, felt slight stiffness during the run but it has faded after a bath.

Distance:  11.44km
Time:  1:04:50
Avg HR:  140bpm  🙂  🙂
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km
Calories:  819
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training run #565

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Tuesday 19 March, 06:09

Frosty, -1C.  Wrapped up well for a 7 mile run.  The puddles at RV were partly frozen and there was a chilly easterly breeze.  Otherwise, it was a routine run with a really nice sunrise.  Minor right leg niggle.

Distance:  11.5km
Time:  1:04:11
Avg HR:  142bpm   🙂
Avg pace:  5:35 min/km
Calories:  814
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