Day: March 10, 2013

training run #560

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Sunday 10 March, 06:12

Cold, with a biting easterly wind.  Window thermometer said 3C but car dashboard after the run was stuck firmly on 0C.  Went for a 16 mile run, same route as last weekend.  After snow and rain overnight I considered wearing old trainers, thinking of the mud and water underfoot on my route.  But I decided on balance I’d be better off running a long distance in the new trainers, and avoid possible injury caused by clapped out kit.

It was just getting light as I stepped outside, as I’d planned an earlier than usual Sunday run so I could fetch Jacqui a McBreakfast for Mothers’ Day afterwards.  Wrapped up well and set out at the same sort of pace I do for a 7 mile run.  Felt the usual right leg niggle in the early miles but it wore off.  There were puddles and mud but not as bad  as I’d expected; still had to hurdle a few though.  Carried 500ml water and 3 gels and used it all.  I thought I was lucky to avoid the forecast rain and snow – a light snow shower around 16km, as I re-entered RV, was all I noticed.

At 13 miles I noticed my time was around 1:58:25, something similar to last week, so I pressed on.  The last few km splits were crazy, the 24th km was 5:08 min/km I think, which is sprinting for me!  Finished strong and knocked one and three quarter minutes off last weekend’s time.  Very good bearing in mind the sloppy conditions and I wasn’t really trying for it until the last lap of RV.

Distance:  25.74km
Time:  2:22:56
Avg HR:  147bpm (would have been lower if I’d not sprinted the last lap of RV)
Avg pace:  5:33 min/km
Calories:  1848
New trainers