Day: April 11, 2013

training run #579

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Thursday 11 April, 17:20

Cool, 7C, overcast and breezy.  Went for a rare evening run, as I didn’t get back from picking Emma up in Camden until 3:00am and took the day off work.  Planned to just run easy and clock the miles, but as the run went on I felt good and the speed increased.  As well as the time of day, running into a headwind on the near side of Rother Valley seemed odd.  The weather for many weeks has given me a headwind on the far side.  I knew the pace was quite good (for me) but I tried to ease off and be cautious. I need to avoid injury rather than get more PBs, but this run did actually knock 10 seconds off my previous 7 mile best, run #546 on 13 Feb 13.  Felt strong to the end and no niggles.

Distance:  11.48km
Time:  1:01:33
Avg HR:  146bpm
Avg pace:  5:22 min/km
Calories:  765
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training run #578

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Wednesday 10 April, 06:06

Cool, 4C, cloudy, breezy.  Another 7 mile run.  First lap felt a bit slow, second lap a bit faster, but there was only one part of the run where it felt smooth and easy.  No niggles.

Distance:  11.45km
Time:  1:05:33
Avg HR:  141bpm
Avg pace:  5:44 min/km
Calories:  759
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training run #577

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Tuesday 9 April, 05:58

Cold, 2C, overcast and breezy.  Went for the usual 7 mile run.  Took hat off as I entered RV and was fine.  No running tights as the weather is turning less cold.  No real niggles, just strated easy and gradually increased the pace km by km.  A straightforward run.

Distance:  11.41kmTime:  1:05:07
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  5:42 min/km
Calories:  805
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