Greater Manchester Marathon 2013

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Sunday 30th April, 09:00

Cool and overcast at the start, probably 4C.  Improving to 8-9C and a bit of sunshine at the end, with a couple of light showers inbetween.  Ran this marathon with my brother Jeff, of course.  It was hard to judge what to wear but went with a running vest and lightweight yellow jacket; in hindsight this was probably about right.

Tried to keep to an easy pace for the first part of the race.  Went through halfway feeling fine and seemed in control and doing a reasonable pace at 20 miles.  Lots of great support from the crowds, especially around some road junctions and through Altrincham.  Around 20 miles Jeff had left knee pain that needed a bit of walking, and a few miles of run/walk got us nearer the finish.  Then my energy levels dropped a lot, I started to feel unwell and found it harder to get running again.  We walked some more and ran over the finish line, and still finished just 45 seconds slower than last year’s time.

The worst injury I found afterwards was a bad blister covering lots of my middle toe right foot.  It did not feel that bad at the time (it felt like I had sock inbetween my toes) but it’ll take a little while to heal.  I also got sunburn on head, neck and the back of my knees.  Otherwise just tired, mentally and generally, but no stiff muscles (yet) and I can go up and down stairs OK.

Need to figure out how to avoid the low energy on future marathons.  I’d had porridge for breakfast, and during the run had water, 3 gels, shot bloks, isotonic drinks and a couple of jelly babies; far more than I’d planned for.  It could be a combination of a slightly too fast a pace for the first part of the run, quite strong and gusty wind at times, and the temperature rising.  All my training had been in the coldest winter we’ve had for years.

Another mystery is where one of my nipple tapes went to.  I used physio tape to prevent chafing and one of them ended up attached to my heart rate monitor strap.  The other has completely disappeared, in spite of wearing a jacket over my running vest.

All in all, another fun run with Jeff.  Another big achievement for me.

Jeff and me after the Mcr Marathon

Official Distance:  42.195km – Garmin 42.09km
Chip Time:  4:26:37 – Garmin 4:26:50
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  6:20 min/km
Calories:  2807
New trainers

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