training run #602

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Sunday 2 June, 07:46

Mild, sunny, temperature started at 10C in the shade and rose to 14C in the shade according to house thermometer.   Went for the usual 13 mile run, carrying 300ml water and having a gel just before I started.  I’d have carried more water but had not bought bigger bottles and didn’t want to bother with the Camelbak waist pack.  Felt strong from the start so I ran faster then usual, just more than a comfortable pace.  No niggles, just felt hot and finished a bit tired and slightly dehydrated.  Legs felt bouncy throughout, running on the balls of my feet or mid foot.  A great run in great conditions, and I knocked 29 seconds off my 13 mile PB (previous best was run #552 in late Feb).

Distance:  21.07km
Time:  1:55:09  🙂
Avg HR:  159bpm
Avg pace:  5:28 min/km
Calories:  1526


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