Month: June 2013

training run #603

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Wednesday 5 June, 06:15

12C, overcast, cool.  Went for a 7 mile run.  The light headwind on the far side of RV was quite cool.  I decided to run an easy pace and tried to keep HR to a sensible level.

Felt a slight niggle top of right foot.  I’d felt something there on Sunday afternoon (after the 13 miler) and again walking around London on Monday and a bit on Tuesday.  Not a pain, more a slight soreness moving between second toe and where my shoe is laced up, but it wasn’t the laces that were too tight.  The soreness wore off while running today and there were no after effects after this run; by the afternoon I’d forgotten about it and it seemed to have gone away completely.

Distance:  11.45km
Time:  1:05:15
Avg HR:  144bpm
Avg pace:  5:42 min/km
Calories:  797

training run #602

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Sunday 2 June, 07:46

Mild, sunny, temperature started at 10C in the shade and rose to 14C in the shade according to house thermometer.   Went for the usual 13 mile run, carrying 300ml water and having a gel just before I started.  I’d have carried more water but had not bought bigger bottles and didn’t want to bother with the Camelbak waist pack.  Felt strong from the start so I ran faster then usual, just more than a comfortable pace.  No niggles, just felt hot and finished a bit tired and slightly dehydrated.  Legs felt bouncy throughout, running on the balls of my feet or mid foot.  A great run in great conditions, and I knocked 29 seconds off my 13 mile PB (previous best was run #552 in late Feb).

Distance:  21.07km
Time:  1:55:09  🙂
Avg HR:  159bpm
Avg pace:  5:28 min/km
Calories:  1526

training run #601

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Friday 31 May, 06:06

Mild, 11C, sunny.  Great weather for another 7 mile run.  Did a reasonable pace, not pushing too hard.  Enjoyed the sunshine, no niggles.

Distance:  11.46km
Time:  1:03:19
Avg HR:  148bpm
Avg pace:  5:31 min/km
Calories:  811