Day: July 23, 2013

training run #630

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Tuesday 23 July, 05:53

18C, warm, wet.  Went for the usual 7 mile run.  I’d heard thunder as I was getting ready to go, and the first spots of rain were on the path as I limbered up.  As I set off the heavens opened and I had monsoon conditions, thunder and lightning on the first lap.  As I rounded the waterski part of the lake lightning flashed nearby and I thought the pulley system had been hit just as I passed next to it, but there wasn’t a bang.  What a change after several weeks of dry runs.  On the second lap the storm rolled away leaving behind just heavy rain.  Not surprisingly, no rabbits ventured out, and neither did any other runners, dog walkers or cyclists!  Felt fine but the heat combined with the soaked clothing and trainers made it heavy going at times.  Was surprised to finish in 62 minutes, as I wasn’t deliberately pushing on.

Distance:  11.47km
Time:  1:02:18
Avg HR:  148bpm
Avg pace:  5:26 min/km
Calories:  828
Rabbits seen:  NIL