Day: August 7, 2013

training run #639

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Wednesday 7 August, 06:04

10C, sunny, cool.  Went for the usual 7 mile run.  Felt OK and found the first km to Rother Valley was a good pace, so turning onto the path around the lakes I decided to press on.  The mist rising off the water made it distinctly chilly for the first couple of km, good for running though.  Rather than gradually winding up the pace I pushed for a decent pace from the beginning of lap 1.  As I watched my split times I thought it would be a PB if I could keep it going.  Tired slightly on the second lap but the times were still good.  I don’t think I could have run much faster unless there had been something with sharp teeth chasing me.  Knocked 2:27 off the PB I only recently set (run #635) 🙂

Distance:  11.49km
Time:  57:39  *PB*
Avg HR:  155bpm (no spikes, just running really hard!)
Avg pace:  5:01 min/km !!!
Calories:  806
Rabbits seen: 2 on lap 1; 1 on lap 2