Day: August 11, 2013

training run #641

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Sunday 11 August, 06:46

14C, sunny, mild.  Went for the usual 13 mile weekend run.   Had a gel before starting and carried 500ml water/SIS.  Felt OK and started out watching my pace and HR to keep it under control.  Quite a stiff breeze on the return leg, but nice.  Thought I was running a reasonable pace without pushing 100%, and expected to get home in about 1:55/1:56, but wasn’t chasing a time.  Was surprised to see I’d beaten the PB I set last weekend by a minute 🙂

Distance:  21.07km
Time:  1:52:42  *PB*
Avg HR:  155bpm
Avg pace:  5:21 min/km
Calories:  1576
Rabbits seen:  2
Peacocks seen:  1 (same one as last week!)