training run #642

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Monday 12 August, 06:40

14C, sunny and breezy with rain clouds blowing through.  Went for the usual 7 mile run.  Wouldn’t usually run the day after a weekend long run but I need to fit three runs in early this week before travel interrupts my schedule.  First run in a new pair of trainers.  The same Asics Cumulus 14 I’ve been using since Feb but a different colour.  I’d done just over 800 miles in the old pair.  Felt a few slightly stiff muscles on lap 1 but they eased off for lap 2.  No problems.  A rainbow as I rounded the northern lake on lap 2 heralded the onset of a pleasantly refreshing light shower for the last 2km.

Distance:  11.48km
Time:  1:01:04
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  5:19 min/km
Calories:  761
Rabbits seen:  2 on lap 2
New trainers run #1


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