training run #649

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Tuesday 27 August, 12:23

Hot and sunny, 18C at least.  Went for a 7 mile run from work at lunchtime, so I could use the shower at work (bathroom being refitted at home).  I’d bought 500ml water but stupidly left it on my desk.  Garmin took an age trying to find GPS satellites, so I set off just expecting it to time the run.  GPS seemed to kick in 2.5 minutes into the run, about 500m or so.  Ran to Meadowhall and back along the Don Valley.  Went out on Saville Street East, round the Meadowhall Centre perimeter road and back along Attercliffe Common.  I thought I’d keep to an easy pace but set off far too fast and tired in the last couple of km.  For other hot lunchtime runs I’ll slow the pace down and consider leaving the Garmin behind.

Distance:  Garmin – 10.78km adjusted to 11.28km
Time:  59.17
Avg HR:  161bpm due to the heat mostly
Avg pace:  5:30 min/km (unadjusted – saw plenty of splits around 5:00 min/km)
Calories:  844
Wildlife count: NIL!
New trainers


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