training run #660

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Sunday 15 September, 06:37

Cold, 7C, started with a great sunrise but a storm had been forecast.  Went for an 18 mile run.  The route was home – RV – Killamarsh – High Moor – Woodall – Harthill – Todwick – M1 J31 – Swallownest – Beighton by-pass – Waterthorpe (Moss Way – Station Road) – Halfway Tram Terminus – Holbrook – along the Avenue – The Belfry – home.  Felt OK but carefully paced myself.  Had a gel at the start and had another at 10km and the third at 20km; 500ml water with SiS tablet in.  The weather turned halfway round, after Todwick crossroads.  It started raining and that high up the wind was strong and cold.  The rain eased off as I passed Waterthorpe.  Felt a slight left hip niggle at times, and afterwards.  Otherwise no issues.  Thinking I may do another 18 miler and a 20 miler before the taper begins.

Distance:  28.92
Time:  2:40:59
Avg HR:  150bpm
Avg pace:  5:34 min/km
Calories:  1998
Rabbits seen:  0  (probably because foxes seen:  1)
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