training run #664

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Sunday 22 September, 07:15

A sunny day, clear blue skies.  Started at 15C in the shade, finished at 20C in the shade, according to the house thermometer.  Did the same 18 mile route as last weekend.  Had 3 gels and 500ml water+SIS tablet, but ran out of water too soon.  Last gulp was passing the tram tracks at Moss Way, so still about 3 miles to go.  By this point my head wasn’t right and I was running in get-me-home mode, not much strength left.  Should have cut short the run, perhaps, but I went for the full distance planned.

I took on 800ml water in a short time at home and shortly afterwards dashed for the loo as it ran straight through me 😦  I knew then that I’d pushed too far.  The last couple of miles really felt like the end of some marathons I’ve done, really tough and just keeping moving but getting slower and slower.  Not too worried, just learn the lessons.  It was hot and I should have carried more liquids, and possibly taken a shortened route home.

Distance:  28.55km
Time:  2:44.03
Avg HR:  156bpm
Avg pace:  5:45 min/km
Calories:  2312


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