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Yorkshire Marathon, 20 October 2013

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Was surprised to see Jeff in running gear ready to attempt the race today, in spite of sore ribs from a bad bike fall. But I was very grateful for the company. The start seemed to be delayed, but I’d just misread the programme as 09:00 start instead of 09:30. That gave more time for painfully loud singing from a classical singer, from her new album. I won’t be adding it to my Christmas wish list, and feared they might put a copy in the race goody bags.

We got going after a light rain shower, and the weather was mostly sunny and warm, with a strong wind on the exposed parts of the route. I wasn’t sure if Jeff would pull out early on because of rib pain, but we carefully managed the pace and kept going. I’d had a small porridge at home 5 hours before the start and planned to stick to my gels and water, to avoid stomach problems. It worked.

About halfway I felt my left hip/adductor and over the next few miles this affected my gait and my left knee and eventually my foot hurt quite a lot. Running in step with Jeff kept me going, or I’d have quit or walked at that point. My pace slowed a lot and we kept going through to mile 23. Then I had to walk, but we were probably walking just as fast as my slowest run anyway.

There were lots and lots of stewards/marshalls throughout the route, all giving loud encouragement. Many parts of the course had big crowds, also supportive, but there were some quiet parts too. Nice and frequent water stops kept us hydrated. I wonder if the clip filmed from the TV camera motorcycle will be edited into the highlights programme?

The course wasn’t flat. In fact Jacqui even overheard the elite runners complaining about the hills, especially the last mile. Perhaps my lack of energy was partly due to the hills, and partly due to the heat. I also need to get a bit leaner if/when I do another marathon. Discussed with Jeff the Fink book on marathoning for over 40s, a different training approach.

The goody bag did not include that awful CD. It did include some strawberry jam and a couple of chewy bars. And a bundle of leaflets that closely resembled junk mail.

Injuries include a blister on middle toe right foot, a bit of chafing at the top of my legs and under the HR strap elastic, and sore adductors (I think that’s what they are). Not bad, and the low energy was swiftly replaced.

A good, tough run, and I’m surprised and pleased that Jeff got all the way round with me. Our medals and finishers shirts have been well earned!

Official distance: 42.2km
Official (chip) time: 4:40:23
Garmin distance: 42.28km
Garmin time: 4:40:24
Avg HR: 147bpm
Avg pace: 6:38 min/km
Calories: 2915

training run #677

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Wednesday 16 October, 06:07

9C, dark and a bit misty at RV. Went for a lap of the main lake, about 3.7 miles in total. Took it fairly easy. Legs felt strong, no niggles.

After a tiring day on Tuesday lugging my laptop to work in London, this run, and a long drive to London after work on Wednesday to pick up Jacqui and Emma, I may not get another run in before the marathon on Sunday. I’m thinking that rest is now key, especially as we got home at 3am this morning!

Distance: 5.96km
Time: 32.46
Avg HR: 150bpm
Avg pace: 5:30 min/km
Calories: 390

training run #676

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Sunday 13 October, 07:56

10C, wet and windy but it felt a bit mild. Went for a 7 mile run, two laps of RV, and thought I’d run without a jacket. Good call, as apart from cold forearms on the first lap I felt fine in just a tshirt. It rained for most of the run, and I wore my old trainers expecting big puddles would trash my current pair. But it wasn’t as bad as expected. No problems. Only one week to the Yorkshire Marathon now.

Distance: 11.46km
Time: 1:01:29
Avg HR: 152bpm
Avg pace: 5:22 min/km
Calories: 831

training run #675

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Thursday 10 October, 06:17

7C, cold, clear skies and a cold northerly wind blowing. Went for a 4 mile run, one lap. Wore lightweight yellow jacket for the first time in ages as Autumn blows in. Needed it of the far side running into a headwind. No problems, felt good running under the stars. Need to get some gloves, have thrown out the ones I used to run with.

Distance: 6.77km
Time: 37:38
Avg HR: 149bpm
Avg pace: 5:34 min/km
Calories: 465

training run #674

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Wednesday 9 October, 06:30

12C, cool and fresh. Went for a 4 mile run, one lap of RV. Felt fine, no niggles. Didn’t check Garmin while running, just pushed on a bit. Hence a faster time/pace but higher HR than yesterday.

Distance: 6.83km
Time: 36:29
Avg HR: 155bpm
Avg pace: 5:20 min/km
Calories: 467

training run #673

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Tuesday 8 October, 06:33

15C, mild, generally overcast. Went for a 4 mile run, just one lap of RV. Felt fine, no niggles. Was a bit strange finishing when my legs were just loosening up. I’ll taper my blog posts and keep this as short as my run 😉

Distance: 6.83km
Time: 37:41
Avg HR: 145bpm
Avg pace: 5:31min/km
Calories: 478

training run #672

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Sunday 6 October, 08:03

9C, sunny with a nice breeze. Went for a 9.5 mile run, tapering for the Yorkshire Marathon in two weeks. Felt good and no niggles. Did a steady pace on the first lap and noticed I speeded up on the second lap as my legs loosened up. Did two long laps of both lakes followed by a short lap of just the main lake. HR went up a bit, probably related to the sun heating up the sheltered parts of RV. Had a gel before starting off and carried and drank 500ml water+SIS tablet. A nice run, plenty left in my legs.

Distance: 15.39km
Time: 1:21:44
Avg HR: 152bpm
Avg pace: 5:19 min/km
Calories: 999